Liquid Stevias

Omica Organics liquid stevias come in a variety of flavors. Available in 2 fl ounce and 1 gallon sizes.

  • Pure Liquid Stevia Extract, Non-reconstituted from powder
  • Smooth, rich warm taste
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Organic Stevia

    Stevia is a Zero Calorie, Zero Carb sweetener that is several times sweeter than sugar. Omica Organics offers high quality Liquid Stevia and Stevia Extract Powder.

  • Powdered Stevias

    Omica Organics Premium Quality Organic Stevia Sweetener Extract is a pure, 100% natural, zero calorie & non-bitter sweetener that is 400 times sweeter than sugar. Available in a 25 gram (.9 ounce) shaker. Omica Organics also offers: 98% Reb-A 1kg bags 98% Reb-A 5kg bags 85% Reb-A 1kg bags 85% Reb-A 5kg bags  


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